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I’m producing a 4 minute short film - primarily as a teaser for the feature - called ‘Ramon'. It’s essentially two scenes from the feature adapted to make one narrative and shows the theme, tone and setting of the longer film. I’m going to take it to various funding sources and distributors to help raise the remaining funds.

I’m looking for a boy to cast. He’s the only character as such in the film. I haven’t had any luck so far on the island so am going to look further afield and thought of you first.

Noah needs to be a playing age of 11-12 but I also want to consider 13-14 year olds who look younger. He needs to be northern european looking ideally - British or Swedish would work as long as he can speak in a British accent for the little dialogue there is. Although if he turns out to be great he would of course be considered for the movie!

I want him to be sensitive and a little fragile looking. But intelligent and curious. Ideas below but I am open to other looks too.

The budget is very limited - I’m funding it myself - so we would of course pay NMW (National Minimum Wage) and all expenses - flight, hotel, food etc for the kid and chaperone. And the chance to be in the movie if and when it happens. Filming should take 4 days here in lovely Mallorca.
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